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AZ Communications Network, Inc. currently offers a third generation VSAT high-speed Internet Protocol (IP) service using a two-way VSAT (very small aperture terminal) technology which is called VCONN. This new VSAT service known as VCONN is capable of greater speed, provides stronger encryption, better network management and more flexible than previous VSAT platforms.

Some of the features and benefits include VPN (Virtual Private Network) acceleration, security, network efficiency and superior upstream access scheme.

VCONN is available anywhere in the Philippines soon with total control over the "last mile", transportable solutions and easy scalability.
For further details, you may call our customer service at
Tel. # 889-86-71 / 72
Email: support@azcomm.net

To our Client:
  This is to inform you that AZ Communications Network, Inc. will be implementing VSAT Migration to all existing subscribers. The old Gilat Skyblaster will be replaced by the new Gilat Skyedge IP platform.

This will start on the 15th of May and will end on the 15th of June 2008. However all subscribers with expired contracts are requested to renew their contract before being qualified to have this new system on board. (This equipment will still be AZCOM's property and will be lent to the customer until their contract expires.)

Upon receiving this advisory, we kindly recommend to contact your designated Account Manager, or call the Customer Hotline at Tel. No. 889-8671 to 72 or thru Mobile No. 0920-9155258 or email us thru support@azcomm.net for any questions or queries.

Thank you and God Bless,
Customer Support Group

Please note that if we do not receive any response from client within the migration period, client will be put on non- priority list. Kindly fill-out the Migration Letter form of your designated plan and status of your Contract, then send this back to us thru support@azcomm.net.


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