Communications Solutions- Anytime, Anywhere

Welcome to AZ Communications Network!

We know that there are places in the Philippines that wired Internet has not reached and won't for quite some time.

It's why AZ Communications Network (AZCom) offers your organization business-speed Internet via satellite anywhere in the Philippines. If you're a rural bank we make it possible to open Internet-linked branches in remote towns. If you're in the mining industry, AZCom will enable you to operate seamlessly miles from anywhere. If you're in the tourism industry, we are here help your beautiful beach resort offer customers internet connections they'd expect when paying for a luxury getaway.

In short, AZ Communications Network makes high-speed Internet possible for business in Philippines- anytime, anywhere.

AZCom offers the most advanced technology and provides the widest area coverage in the Philippine archipelago

AZCom currently offers a third generation VSAT high-speed Internet Protocol (IP) service using a two-way VSAT (very small aperture terminal) technology which is called VCONN. VCONN is capable of greater speed, provides stronger encryption, better network management and more flexible than previous VSAT platforms.

Some of the features and benefits include VPN (Virtual Private Network) acceleration, security, network efficiency and superior upstream access scheme.

VCONN is available anywhere in the Philippines soon with total control over the "last mile", transportable solutions and easy scalability.

AZCom's innovative VCONN Internet services can reach remote parts of the country and can provide Internet communication access for rescue teams.

AZCom is an important partner of modern mining organizations. Internet access can lead to a generation of practical benefits such as accelerating the process of making managerial decisions in order to optimize processes, introduction of innovative technologies, and competitiveness.

Command and control is essential in all facets of military operations- and the Philippine military can depend on AZCom's reliable VSAT equipment and business-speed Internet services.

Almost every year, the Philippines sees it shares tropical storms, earthquakes and other natural calamities. Affected areas usually experience outages in electricity and traditional telecommunications like mobile phone service or wired Internet service. AZCom can provide it's VCONN service for quick deployment in these situations.

AZCom is the Philippines' partner in nation building. Our VCONN service can link-up remote schools and academia to the Internet, providing the youth reliable access to the information superhighway.