Anytime, Anywhere

Now powered by Kacific Satellite Broadband – AZCom makes high speed broadband Internet possible for businesses in the Philippines: anytime, anywhere.

AZ Communications Network (AZCom) offers your organization High Throughput Satellite connectivity anywhere in the Philippines. AZCOM provides universal access to better quality connectivity at a more affordable cost.

Introducing the Next-Generation in Satellite Broadband Internet Services in the Philippines

High Throughput Satellite (HTS) payload

Transmitting over high powered Ka-band

6 spot beams place  capacity over  the Philippines

Gateway located in the Philippines


AZCom offers the most advanced technology and provides the widest area coverage in the Philippine archipelago

Geographic Markets

Connecting isolated regions to one another and to the rest of the world


  • Giving access where it is difficult
  • Making broadband affordable
  • Increasing internet penetration

How assured are you that the data communication pathways secures sensitive information free from unauthorized surveillance or intrusion?

AZCom can provide you organization an alternate pathway compliant with the emerging requirements of the regulated international monetary and payment system.


AZCom’s newest satellite broadband technology powered by Kacific uses Ka-band technology and spectrum. Because the satellite antennas concentrate the spot beams for frequency reuse, the resulting beams are also high power – resulting in availabilities between 99.1% and 99.9% (depending on the location of the service and the size of the user antenna). Such availabilities are entirely suitable for internet services and in many places exceed the availability of terrestrial networks or even mobile networks.


  • 56 high throughput spot beams
  • Delivering up to 60 Gbps of broadband capacity
  • 550 to 600 ms latency
  • Ka-band system
  • Geostationary orbit
  • 6,800 kg at launch
  • 13 kw of electric power


Combining a next-generation satellite with a lean business model and affordable ground technology, AZCom can provide connectivity at a very low cost.


Targeted beams deliver high throughput capacity that is strengthened by custom-built gateway technology and ground systems, resulting in fast end-user speeds and more resilient links.


Satellite technology offers high-quality communication networks without limits – every mountain, every island, every community.

AZCom Satellite Internet Market Applications

Kacific Official Partner in the Philippines

AZCom is a proud partner of Kacific, a next-generation broadband satellite operator servicing the Asia Pacific region.

In 2019, Kacific launched its first Ka-band high throughput satellite- the Kacific1- to stream high-speed, low-cost, ultra-reliable broadband to rural and suburban areas of the Pacific and South East Asia.